New England Grass Roots Institute

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Our classes are for your personal and holistic health enrichment.

At New England Grass Roots Institute, we are a group of dedicated, experienced, caring individuals, wanting to share the latest in scientific cannabis research, reaching as many people as we can. Research shows there are incredible possibilities in the medical science of cannabis as a medicine. We want to present classes in a very basic way so everyone, patients and caregivers alike can understand and learn from the latest research, resources and advocacy groups.

We are medicinal cannabis activists committed to cannabis education and a future of legal and safe access for patients.

 Whether you seek to become a more educated patient, caregiver, educated consumer or natural health advocate, New England Grass Roots Institute can help you learn more to achieve your goals, while supporting you in a community of like minded people.

At New England Grass Roots Institute, we are dedicated to providing professional, affordable education for those interested in the healing and science of Medical Cannabis.

We provide basic medicinal cannabis education as well as advanced classes.

Keep updated on The Harvest Cup 2019 November 9 and 10th Worcester DCU Center