2022 Harvest Cup Winners

Our sixth year!

Thank You!

The Harvest Cup family would like to thank all the vendors, competitors, judges, sponsors, speakers, non-profits, volunteers and all of the attendees who have come out to support us year after year!  A HUGE thank you to our prize sponsors – Kyle Camyre from Blingin’ Beads, Joe & Wendy from I Think I’ve Created a Monstah! Studios, and Steve Mayersky from Steve’s Dank Pipes – for donating prizes to the winners of every category in 2022, which was our 6th year!  We find that we learn and grow every year.  We thoroughly enjoy bringing like-minded folks together and pulling off an event that celebrates cannabis while educating consumers.  We appreciate your support so very much and we look forward to bringing you The Harvest Cup year after year!

A Special Thank You to Our Kick Off Party Contributors

Thank you so very much to everyone who donates items to the swag bags and raffle that take place at our Kick Off party each year! The Kick Off party is my (Jenn’s) “baby” and she chooses different recipients of the funds collected every year.  In 2022, we raised $3000 and I was able to donate cash to 5 local families to help with rent and holiday shopping. Thank you so much to the following folks who helped make that possible (please forgive me if I forgot anyone, people handed me things the night of the party and I might not have remembered them all!):
Margo’s Magic Creations, Bekki LaVenture, Peppercorns, Armsby Abbey, Bank5, Bask, Bud’s Goods & Services, CanMan, Eagle Eyes Transportation, Fat Cat Select Seeds, Janja Green, Happy Spoon Edibles, El Basha, Mason Re Jars, The Treehouse Group, Patriots Helping Vets, Ideal Craft Cannabis, Holden Hills Country Club, Pasta Mani, Sam Miserendino, Sandy Bernier, Wings over Worcester, The Mill Restaurant, The Boynton, DynaVap, SafeTiva Labs, Alternative Wellness Centers, Mass Alternative Care, Hippy Chick Natural Solutions, I Think I’ve Created a Monstah!, Reunion Tap & Table, Deja Vu Edibles, Papa Gino’s, The Magic Lady, City Slickers, The Serenity Baker, Marty the Medium, Candy From Strangers, Wachumakin, The Shirt Factory, ZZZ’s Rolling Papers, NETA, Purpose Genetics, Northeast Alternatives, Mallory Callahan, The Last Prisoner Project, Green Meadows, and Dynasty Genetics!

The Winners of the 2022 Harvest Cup, Held November 12 & 13, 2022 at the DCU Center in Worcester were:

Topicals – Therapeutic:

Mom’s Confections – Topical Pain Cream

Runner Up:

Northeast Alternatives – Dreamsicle Vanilla Orange Lip Balm

Topicals – Cosmetic:

Northeast Alternatives – Herb Your Enthusiasm Hemp Oil Lotion

Runner Up:

Queenie Care – Full Spectrum CBD Face Serum


Erva Inc – Sleep Capsules

Runner Up:

Baygrown – Recovery + Tincture

Sweet Edibles:

Northeast Alternatives – S’More Galore S’More Bites

Runner Up:

Northeast Alternatives – Vegan Inspired Snicker Bites

Savory Edibles:

Girl That Grows – Honey Roasted Sesame Sticks

Runner Up:

Goofy Green Farms – Sweet & Spicy Candied Bacon

CBD Edibles:

I.G.@Greenlove.Organics-Chef – Celtic Sea Salt & Aged Scottish Whiskey Caramels

Runner Up:

“ECNY” Emerald City New York – Loca Mocha Latte Dark Chocolate Bon Bons

Syrups / Sauces/Condiments:

Northeast Alternatives – Casper’s Panic Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

Runner Up:

Northeast Alternatives – RSO Garlic & Chili Olive Oil


Squier’s Specialty Edibles – Pink Pineapple Drink Mixer

Runner Up:

Serenity Baker – Blackberry Lemonade

CBD Flower & Extract:

Northeast Alternatives – Whipped White Grape Breath Terp Crystals

Runner Up:

Northeast Alternatives – Melonade Sunset OG Terp Crystals


Zero Gravity – Unicorn Poop (Live Rosin)

Runner Up:

Squishy – High Octane og BX3

Flower – Linalool Terpene:

Tower Three – Half Pint

Runner Up:

Boston Baked – Chappy

Flower – Terpinolene Terpene:

Smyth Cannabis Co – Ghost Train Haze

Runner Up WAS A TIE between:

Pacha’s Select – Lilac Diesel Bx1

House of Cultivar – Ice Cream Man

Flower – Caryophyllene Terpene:

House of Cultivar – Sugar Berry Scone

Runner Up:

True North – Sunshine Daydream

Flower – Myrcene Terpene:

Flower Factory – Sour Cherry Larry

Runner Up:

Shamanic Roots with Mass Yield Cultivation – Cappuccino

Flower – Limonene Terpene:

Baygrown – Apex (Ethos Genetics/Baygrown cut)

Runner Up:

Flower Factory – BananaCello