About The Harvest Cup

New England is Green!

The Harvest Cup is the premier New England cannabis competition, culminating with an expo featuring hundreds of vendors, artists, live podcasts, and the reveal of all the winners.

New England is now green with all states supplying medical marijuana to patients and FIVE (MA, ME, VT, RI and CT) with legal cannabis. It’s time to show other regions that our growers and producers know a thing or two about cannabis.

Our Team

Want to know more about the folks behind the scenes at The Harvest Cup? We've got a great group of people working hard to make each year's event better than the last! Meet our team below!

Jeremy Borjeson

Founder & Director of Operations

Jeremy has been involved with the cannabis industry for many years, spending several years in Northern California immersed in the cannabis culture. After attending the Emerald Cup at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, California, Jeremy had a dream of one day hosting his own cannabis competition. Jeremy has successfully fought a local police department for the return of cannabis and other items stolen from him and his family through an illegal search & seizure after years of being harassed by this same police department. As medical patients, Jeremy and his wife Jenn are staunch supporters of cannabis as medicine and he believes that everyone should be able to use cannabis without restrictions or limitations.

Jenn Borjeson

Director of Communications & Accounts

As our Director of Communications & Accounts, Jenn networks with others in the cannabis industry and handles our accounting, billing, financial records, and most of the competition. With a BA in Psychology, Jenn has worked as the Director of Student Accounts and Bursar for 2 local area colleges. Diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis in 2016, Jenn had to quit her job outside the home and decided to dedicate her time and energy to the cannabis industry, something she is extremely passionate about. Jenn has been self-medicating with cannabis since she was 15 years old and believes that everyone who uses cannabis is self-medicating for one reason or another, whether they realize it or not. Jenn’s favorite thing to do in her “spare time” is to make all kinds of cannabis infused products including edibles, tinctures, and ointments. Her favorite strains are those that smell like gas or skunk.

.   . .

Hannah Jane

Judging Coordinator

Hannah Jane has been involved in various aspects of the cannabis industry for over ten years. Overcoming an opiate addiction through cannabis, Hannah has worked as a grower, is a certified CL extractor and can be found making candy in the kitchen. Hannah has judged over a dozen competitions, entered many competitions and has run several of her own.

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Tony Ventura

Volunteer Coordinator

Tony is our Volunteer Coordinator and can be reached at tonyventura1113@gmail.com