2019 Harvest Cup Winners

The second year, my how we've learned and grown!
Who Won? Who exhibited? Who presented? Answers below:

Thank You!

The Harvest Cup Family would like to thank all the vendors, contestants, judges, sponsors, speakers, non-profits, demonstrators, volunteers and incredible attendees who have come out to support us. Our goal is to bring together the local community and create an event that will educate, celebrate, and illuminate the minds of those who are interested in learning about all the amazing benefits of cannabis. It is because of your support that we have made this possible and we are truly humbled. We look forward to bringing you The Harvest Cup year after year.

The Winners of the 2019 Event Held December 9 & 10, 2019 at the DCU Center in Worcester were:

Indica Flower:

IF36 Mango Smoothie – City Slickers

Runner Up:

IF40 Purple Sunset – Northeast Alternatives

Sativa Flower:

SF16 Mandarin Cookies – Northeast Alternatives

Runner Up:

SF14 Ice Cream Man – Northeast Alternatives

Sweet Edible:

SWE3 Pizzelle Medicated, 40mg – Thomas Cincotti (Cannavitalife)

Runner Up:

SWE27 Blissful Dreamz Truffles – Roots2Remedies

Savory Edible:

SAE2 Peach Mango Salsa – Panda

Runner Up:

SAE7 Buffalo Chicken Dip – City Slickers

CBD Flower/Extract:

CBDFE1 Apple PHARM – Rogues Island Genetics


C3 Tropicana Cookies Wax – Adam Sanders (Cultivate)

Runner Up:

C10 Lemon OG Candy – Shamanic Roots

CBD Edibles:

CBDED1 Strawberry Hot Paper Lantern CBD Jam – Averyl Andrade (Between the Rows)

Runner Up:

CBDED5 Tea Time CBD Tea Bags – Mary Palmer


BEV1 Mellowberry Myrcene – Jenni Christman & Steve Havey (TerpLife)

Runner Up:

BEV4 Strawnana Iced Tea Lemonade – Mary Palmer

Topicals, Transdermals, and Oils:

TTO4 Lavender Scented Full Spectrum Cannabis Salve – Laura Huard (Hole in the Wall Skin Care)

Runner Up:

TTO1 1:1 CBD:THC Muscle Freeze – Adam Sanders (Cultivate)

CBD Topicals, Transdermals, and Oils:

CBDTTO4 Clover Leaf Repair & Relief Balm – Clover Leaf

Runner Up:

CBDTTO3 24K Gold Anti-Aging CBD Face Serum – Laura Huard (Hole in the Wall Skin Care)

Syrups, Sauces, and Tinctures:

SST3 Strawberry Jalapeno Marmalade – Aaron Barth (TriCann Alternatives)

Runner Up:

SST5 THC BBQ Sauce – Mary Palmer

Keep updated on The Harvest Cup 2020, November 14th and 15th at the Worcester DCU Center!