2020 Harvest Cup

Well, 2020 wasn't what anyone expected, but we made the best of it!

What a Year!

Even though we had to cancel our event at the DCU Center for 2020, the competition was still a huge success! Our awards ceremony was held at The Summit Lounge in Worcester and we all had a great time despite the Covid restrictions we’ve all had to deal with this past year. We are really looking forward to the 2021 event and a return to a bit more “normalcy”!

The Winners of the 2020 Competition Were:

CBD Edibles Winner:

Mary Palmer – CBD Gum

CBD Edibles Runner up:

Mary Palmer- Hi-Dragon CBD Lemonade

Beverages Winner:

Mary Palmer – Miami Vice

Beverages Runner up:

Mary Palmer – Huckleberry juice

CBD Flower/Extract Winner:

Northeast Alternatives – Ice Cream Man CBD 89 Sugar

CBD Flower/Extract Runner up:

Northeast Alternatives – Strawberry Banana CBD Sugar

Topicals/Transdermals Winner:

Mary Palmer- 911 Salve

Topicals/Transdermals Runner up:

Canna Kelly Creations – Bud Rub

CBD Topicals/Transdermals Winner:

Mary Palmer- Rose Lotion

CBD Topicals/Transdermals Runner up:

Erva – CBD Hand Sanitizer

Tinctures/Capsules Winner:

Northeast Alternatives – Wellness Capsules (energy formula)

Tinctures/Capsule Runner up:

Northeast Alternatives – RSO Tincture ( indica formula)

Syrups/Sauces/Condiments Winner:

Mary Palmer- 24K Truffle Oil

Syrups/Sauces/Condiments Runner up:

Mary Palmer- Stoned Ground Mustard

Sweet Edibles Winner:

Candyman Creations/Kev Calyx – Assorted Chocolates

Sweet Edibles Runner up:

Tricann – Cashew Butter Truffles

Savory Edibles Winner:

Mary Palmer – Stuck in a Pickle

Savory Edibles Runner up:

Mary Palmer – Peperoni Ciliegia Ripening Medicati

Concentrates Winner:

Henry with Deep Roots – Garlic Cookies GMO

Concentrates Runner up:

Henry with Deep Roots – Tropicanna Cookies MTN Cut

Sativa Flower Winner:

Joe Merkt – Bonkers

Sativa Flower Runner up:

Northeast Alternatives- Mandarin Cookie

Indica Flower Winner:

Shamanic Roots – Rasta Pie

Indica Flower Runner:

Northeast Alternatives – Ice Cream Man

Keep updated on The Harvest Cup 2021, November 13th and 14th at the Worcester DCU Center!