Wendy Love Edge is the founder of Bulldozer Health Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization and healthcare reform initiative. Wendy worked for 25 years in mainstream medicine as an occupational therapist before becoming disabled.

In 2011, she became very ill with acute dermatomyositis, and was told she would die from the illness or the treatment. She soon found herself on 16 pharmaceutical drugs, in a power wheelchair and unable to care for herself. In 2013 she was introduced to cannabis as medicine. She improved her health and wellness using the medicine, improved lifestyle choices and alternative health.  She came off of 14 of the 16 drugs that she had been taking.

Wendy is a proponent of natural medicine, a cannabis activist, and warrior for access for ALL, to cannabis and other natural treatments. She recently authored the book, “Sixteen: My Journey into Wellness”

Take back your health America!

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