Outkastt aka Elaine Keevin of Excelsior Extracts is a cannabis cultivator, caregiver, patient, and activist. She started growing almost 20 years ago, and over that time, has grown in every medium, including mediumless aeroponics. She has grown both indoor, and outdoor, from closet grows, to warehouse cultivation centers. She has helped design and build multiple cultivation operations. She is well versed with, and has experienced and eradicated many plant diseases and pests.

She has provided medicine free of charge, to patients long before there were medical programs. She has spoken before the Rhode Island Senate on issues surrounding cannabis, caregivers, patients, and the rights of those that use cannabis. She has spoken on panels about cultivation at NE Cann, in Portland and Providence. She been on a panel about Women of Cannabis at The Cannabis Cup in Michigan. She was on a panel at Canna Con in Boston, about cultivation.

She currently has a cultivation operation in Rhode Island. She makes  topicals, for both men and women. She has also developed a personal lubricant for intimacy. She developed the lubricant after she had a hysterectomy and many complications, and couldn’t find anything to help with intimacy, so she made her own. She was also a fugitive for many years, for growing cannabis. She is a firm believer that cannabis is a medicine as she was diagnosed with RSD over 25 years ago, and only uses cannabis for RSD pain.

She is passionate about all things cannabis.

Keep updated on The Harvest Cup 2019 November 9 and 10th Worcester DCU Center