Seth Frappier

I hail from a small town in Vermont called Hardwick. In 2005 I moved to MA to attend college. After high school I thrived at college achieving two bachelors degrees (Human Biology and Adventure Education). My passions in life include adventuring in and studying nature, being a teacher, holistic medicine, finding my own sense of place, Cannabis advocate and user, and community building. The greatest cure that nature has brought me is the cure for loneliness and giving nature back just my time with others created a more deep and meaningful interaction with our natural world. There are many examples, studies, testimonials above and beyond my own that reflect this. Nature and holistic wellness has not only done wonders for me mentally and physically throughout my youth and adult life but for so many people around the world so for the past ten years I have been honing my Human, Outdoor, and Educational “hard skills” so that I could eventually build an amazing team and start my own company taking people into extraordinary natural settings to build community (including Cannabis community), foster sense of place, and help people live more holistic lifestyles.

Keep updated on The Harvest Cup 2019 November 9 and 10th Worcester DCU Center