Wendy Love: Bulldozer Health

When: 12/16/2017 5:00pm - 5:20pm

Wendy Love Edge is a warrior not only for her own health and wellness, but for health education, unconditional love and healthcare access for all. She became ill in 2011 with a disease called dermatomyositis. She was told she would die from the illness or the treatment, and she believed it. In a short time she found herself in a power wheelchair, unable to care for herself and “bulldozed” on 16 pharmaceutical drugs. Come and hear how cannabis, other natural health methods and positive lifestyle choices improved her health and wellness.

Wendy is also the founder of www.bulldozerhealth.org, a nonprofit organization and healthcare reform initiative. Bulldozer Health Inc. assists people to access cannabis Doctor recommendation visits, cannabis medicine, and other natural methods of health and products in four states.

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