Plant Training For Bigger Yields

When: 12/16/2018 2:40pm - 3:40pm


Robert Smith,

Any home grower is limited by the number of plants they can grow, and plant training is truly the only thing a grower can do to increase their yields exponentially. A plant will never absorb more light, air or nutrients than mother nature intended, leaving the yield obtained off a single plant solely up to the quantity of bud sites that can be grown on that plant. Plant training and pruning creates more bud sites, a fuller canopy, and ultimately bigger yields!

Rob will cover plant training from the basics of topping and lollipopping through Low and High Stress Training and discuss advanced options like main-lining and SCROG’ing. He’ll also cover all the items he’s used to train plants, from stakes and wire, to cages and netting, and through a few commercial solutions including his product Atlas Plant Trainer.

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