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What is Crutch Art?

Crutches are tips used for rolling joints usually made of thick paper, some companies sell the tip paper to make your crutch. Some have taken making joint crutches and made it into a creative art form.

From RobJetJet (on Instagram @theeadventuresofjetjet)

First a little background about me. Growing up I’ve always had an artistic background. Elementary school, middle school and high school I was always in art or advanced art classes. I’ve always been a roller. Back in the earlier days you’d catch me rolling up optimo’s and swishers all day every day. I never thought about creative rolling or anything like that.

Around 2010 when Instagram first started up I created a profile. “Robjetjet” was my user name which is a combo of my name and my lifestyle as I live by the JETS motto. Just Enjoy This Shit. My profile originally started off as a personal feed you pics of family, friends and randomness nothing specific or a main focus. Between 2011-2012 I started to post more “Smoke Related” photos and started to notice that people really began enjoying what I was posting.

Around that time the community was not what it is today. We were few and far between. There were absolutely no creative rollers out at all. I begin catching the attention of companies like rollingpaperdepot and Raw Rolling papers. I started to notice an up rise of people than posting pictures similar to mine. At this point me being me I always wanted to set myself apart from the rest. So with that in mind I was playing with Raw Original Tips and just got bored with the same old “W”. That’s when I decided to try something different.

My first tip I made that was not the norm was an “R” which I made a pic meme that spelled out “Rawlife" with the roll. People really took to it and loved it and so did I. This is where I started getting more into it. I decided to challenge myself and create designs or logos. This is where the Batman logo and the Wu-Tang “W” came from. These were my very first “outside the box” creative crutch. From there I just kept challenging myself more and more. Getting more details, better with letters more precise accurate and clean in my work.

Around 2012-2013 other creative roller began popping up but still no one was doing what I created or started. Tonygreenhand was a new up and coming roller and tried his hand at a few creative tips that came out really great. Another creative roller that I really looked up to was Afgoo_head who is the originator/creator of cannacigars or also known as thai stick cigars. He tried his hand at a few creative crutches himself. Still no one was producing or creating anything like what I have done. I began creating custom pieces for individuals and companies. It was really awesome to see the acceptance demand in the community with creative rolling art.

Rolling_with_cody_vangough was another roller who tried his hand at creative crutch rolling but as he found out like those before him it’s not as easy as it looks. I was still a solo rider in this craft. Fast forward a few years 2017 it just started booming. I took my partner ThePatientPanda who never creative rolled in his life and I challenged him to try. I gave him some ideas and a bit of guidance and bam he started killing it!! A few months later I was asked by Dabbro710 to create a panda joint for him. So while we were discussing this he was really interested in my crutch art. Him never doing any creative rolling either I decided to also challenge him and guide him a bit as to how I do things. Now he is killing the game. Both panda and dabbro have challenged other people to create crutches and now we have a good handful of pretty talented individuals rolling.

Stonerzretreat, bama_rawlife, Just_da_tip and a few others are really taking to this craft and running with it. it’s really cool too see a craft you created cause you were bored 4 years earlier and see where it is now. I have seen my work all over and people really take interest in it. Even to this day when I create work for people and they tell me they just want to display it and never smoke it. I can’t describe that feeling when you put in that work, time and commitment and see the other person face in amazement that you really did that. You made their name or logo or their favorite pet as a creative crutch. The joy art brings whether it’s a full creative roll or just the tip.

The Artists


Fatty Tips


Subohm Outlaw


stonerz retreat


just da tiip

The Schedule

Saturday, December 16th

TimeArtist 1Artist 2
11amStonerz RetreatSubohm Outlaw
12pmStonerz RetreatSubohm Outlaw
1pmStonerz RetreatSubohm Outlaw
2pmStonerz RetreatSubohm Outlaw
4pmjust da tiipFatty Tips
5pmjust da tiipFatty Tips
6pmjust da tiipFatty Tips
7pmjust da tiipFatty Tips

Sunday, December 17th

TimeArtist 1Artist 2
11amStonerz Retreatjust da tiip
12pmStonerz Retreatjust da tiip
1pmStonerz Retreatjust da tiip
2pmFatty TipsSubohm Outlaw
3pmFatty TipsSubohm Outlaw
4pmFatty TipsSubohm Outlaw

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