Give Us Your Mids

Help us build the 100 foot joint with your leftover weed

Bring back the 100ft joint

Do you want to see the 100ft joint??? How about 110ft?

We are looking to show case the 100 foot joint again. This time it will be a bit bigger we are shooting for a 110ft!

As you can imagine what it took last year to roll 100ft was quite a lot of product. We want to bring it back for everyone to see in case you missed it for the LAST TIME EVER!

We need your help to make this possible. You can help make history again by donating your unwanted trim, old or "did not make the grade" bud.

If you want us to we will feature you on our website and in our program book as a thank you and you will also be invited to our kick-off party. You can even come to the rolling party to be a part of the team to build the joint. It’s all up to you!

We are very grateful for the support of the community and look forward to bringing The Harvest Cup back for a second year!

Give Us Your Mids