Compete in The Harvest Cup 2018

Every paid submission for entry into The Harvest Cup 2018 will be eligible for the following perks/benefits:

1.) One (1) lanyard with badge identifying you as "Contestant - The Harvest Cup 2018" (each paid submission will receive one lanyard - if you enter more than once, you will receive one for each paid entry)

2.)  One (1) free Weekend Pass for The Harvest Cup 2018, including access to the Kick Off party Friday night (location TBD), December 14, 2018, and full access to the event at the DCU Center both Saturday & Sunday (12/15 & 12/16).

3.)  Ability to purchase one (1) additional ticket for Kick Off party at a cost of $35.00 (does NOT include any access to event at the DCU center - tickets to the event at the DCU center will be sold separately).

The Harvest Cup Competition Categories

We have 12 categories - you may enter as many as you choose (there is an entry fee for each entry - click "Interested in Competing?" for more details):

  • Solvent Extracts
  • Non-Solvent Extracts
  • Vape Pens
  • CBD Flower/Extract
  • CBD Edibles/Tinctures
  • CBD Topicals
  • Indoor Flowers
  • Outdoor Flowers
  • Tinctures/Syrups/Sauces
  • Topicals/Transdermals/Oil
  • Edibles Sweets
  • Edibles Savory

Interested in Competing in The Harvest Cup?

We will keep you updated on entry rules and dates.

    Check all the categories that you are interested in entering into The Harvest Cup competition.